Investing Personalised

Our private wealth client service is dedicated to help high net worth individual based in India and NRIs who want a comprehensive financial plan and a globally diversified portfolio to achieve all their financial goals.

Personalized Portfolio Management

We combine our discovery process for your aspirations, our institutional-style diversification & risk management strategy to provide customized implementation plan that can adjust to your life.

We align your existing portfolios to make it tax efficient and determine appropriate strategy for the global diversification. We believe in taking the front seat and help you navigate your financial life while you sit back and relax.

What We Do

At Rothmans Wealth, we take a holistic approach to help you in managing wealth which you have worked so hard to achieve. We believe that your wealth and your goals are two inseparable components of your life. Our goal is to build a personal-call-to-action approach to help you manage your wealth and achieve success in all your spectrum of interests.

How We Plan Your Route
Drawing your roadmap is our most crucial step. We understand your finances to develop a plan which accounts for your current conditions and future possibilities. Once we build a consensus with you, we put your plan in motion.

Maintaining Your Course
We maintain regular conversations, reassessment and evaluation of the existing plan to make sure you remain on the right path. We also understand that times change and priorities shift. Be it market dynamics or your needs, we regularly review your plan and align it as per your needs.

Comprehensive Wealth Management
We strive for our client’s ability to achieve all financial goals. For that reason, we develop the plan considering our client’s complete financial picture. We follow a comprehensive approach to offer a bouquet of financial products suited to your needs.

Our Investment Approach
We have a dedicated team of CFPs to develop your financial plan. Our approach is focused on performance, risk management & regular re-evaluation.


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