Goal Based
Systematic Investment Plans


​Welcome to the world of most disciplined way of investing. This hassle free and smart investing mode inculcates long term investment and wealth building. We at Rothmans harness the two most powerful strategies – Rupee Cost Averaging and Power of Compounding.

Your journey with us

Your Goal
Getting married, having a child, buying a home – exciting moments in life that come with a lot of financial worries. We help you to overcome them and make your dreams happen.

Our Plan
Our experts make an investment plan for you based on your preferred risk tolerance and long-term needs. The plan helps you understand and execute your investments in a systematic manner.

We Work Together
Our dedicated experts create, review and manage your investments to provide you with best returns while you take care of other important things.

You Achieve Your Goal
Travel the world, retire early, sleep better - You can easily achieve all your goals by investing regularly through SIPs. Regular investments eventually lead to accumulation of required corpus for reaching your goals.

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